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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:  How old does my child have to be in order to begin Driver's Education classes?

A:  If your child is 14. In order to receive permit must be at least 15 years of age, they can complete our Driver's Education course.

Q:  Can I go straight out to the DPS and get my license if I am 18-24 years of age?

A:  The state of Texas REQUIRES young adults at the age of 18-24 who have not had a PERMIT to take an Adult Education course.  This is a one day class that is $50 CASH ONLY.  Call ahead for availability and dates!

Q:  After my child receives their permit, what all do they need to do in order to receive their license?

A:  They must complete ALL of the following:
     1.)  Complete the Driver's Education classroom course.
     2.)  Complete their 7 driving times with our certified instructors.
     3.)  Have held their permit for 6 or more months.
     4.)  The child has reached 16 years or older of age.
     5.) Watch 2 hour driving video.
     6.) Have filled out and completed the 30 hour log. 

Q:  What all do I need to take to the DPS to receive my Permit/License?
  You will need all of the following:
     1.)  Your certificate which you will receive from the Texas Driving School of Wichita Falls.
     2.)  A packet of info you will receive from the Texas Driving School of Wichita Falls (just to speed up the process at the DPS.)
     3.)  Your birth certificate.
     4.)  Your Social Security card.
     5.)  Proof of enrollment from your high school, unless you are home schooled.
     6.)  At least $30.
     7.) Proof of residency
     8.) 30 hour log sheet

Q:  How many Driving Times can I schedule over the phone?
You may only schedule ONE Driving Time over the phone!  Also be sure to take down the secretary's name who is working when you call.

Q:  What all do I need to bring to sign my child up for Driver's Education?
  You only need to bring your child's name, YOUR phone number for us to contact in case of an emergency, and a down payment to reserve their spot in the class.

Q:  How does the Payment Plan work?  How much is it in total?
  In total, the amount you will pay if you choose our Payment Plan is $365.  This is $25 more than if you were to pay in full by the first week.  You will need to pay AT LEAST $160 before the FIRST NIGHT of class, have a total of AT LEAST $220 by the fourth night, and finally have the full amount paid off by the LAST NIGHT OF CLASS!

Q:  Why have I not received a certificate for my child to go and get their permit?
  One of three things may have occurred:
     1.)  You have not paid the FULL amount.  We require the full amount to be paid off before we hand out ANY certificates. 
     2.)  Your child was not there the night passed out certificates OR had not paid in full by that time! 
     3.)  Your child has LOST or MISPLACED the certificate, which will result in a $10 fee to receive a new copy of the certificate.  This goes for both Permit and Driver's License certificates!

Q:  Do you offer Adult Education/Defensive Driving courses EVERY Saturday?
  NO.  We offer Adult Education courses on select Saturdays, and also Defensive Driving classes.  ALWAYS CALL AHEAD TO DOUBLE CHECK THE DATES!  You can also click on our "Schedules" tab.

Q:  If I am over the age of 24, and do not have a Driver's License, may I take the Adult Education course?
Yes.  Just be sure to call ahead to confirm!

Q:  What if I am an adult seeking to learn how to drive behind the wheel?  Do you offer anything similar to that?
  Yes we do!  We call this course "Adult Driving".  You can either pay $300 for 6 different hours of driving times, or $50 per driving time.  Be sure to come in or call.  Our secretary can not schedule these times but we will take your name and number and Bj Amos will handle your driving times.

Q:  What if my child has already completed the classroom portion of Driver's Education else where?  How do I go about getting the 7 hours of driving time that is required with a certified instructor?
You will need to sign up for a course called "Behind The Wheel."  This course is $300 for the full 7 driving times.  Be sure to either come in to our office or call to discuss and schedule these times.

Q:  My child finished classes here over a year ago and has not completed her Driving Times?  What do we need to do?
  There is a $100 fee for not completing your Driving Times within the year's time we give you.  We are aware that scheduling is tight which is why we remind you that it is YOUR or YOUR CHILD'S responsibility to keep up with their Driving Times!  We do our best to help work around any inconveniences they may have, but they must call or come in to look for available times.

Q:  Can the instructors pick my child up from their school for their Driving Times?
  ONLY IF your child attends S. H. Rider, Old High, Hirschi and in the event of an emergency.

Q:  What do I need to bring to the Defensive Driving class?

  $35 CASH ONLY, your driver's license, and knowledge of where you received your ticket from!  Bringing a pen and paper is optional, seeing as we can provide some for you.

Q:  What do I need to bring with me for the Adult Education course?

$50 CASH ONLY, and a pen and paper is optional, seeing as we will provide some for you.

Q: Do you offer CDL or Motorcycle classes, as well?

We only offer class C driving permits or licenses so it excludes CDL and Motorcycle classes but we may be able to guide you in the right direction of where to go for those classes.  

Q:  Why should I choose the Texas Driving School of Wichita Falls?

Our school is built off of Christian values and the importance of having a real educator teach you "life or death" decisions when it comes to driving.  We talk about many circumstances that could arise (via; classroom discussion), and what you should do to prevent as much damage as possible.  We are dedicated to helping anyone who comes through our courses in order to give them the fullest experience possible.

For any more questions or information, please call us at (940)-691-2228.
Thank you for your time and God Bless!
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